You can suggest a new alias, but they must be approved by an administrator before they are activated.
An example of how to use this: (cat is the tag and kitty is the alias.)

Tag: (What you search for...) Alias: (What it should be...) Reason:
awe awesome
bee bee
bird bird
bird chick
comic Comic
dick penis
Dog Dog
eevee 漫画
eevee pee
furry horse
furry bird
gay yaoi
gay wolf
glaceon pokemon
glaceon female
Horse Horse
horse comic
klonoa cat
Lugia Pokemon
Marshadow pokemon
parachute parachute
pee urine
pikachu pokemon
pokemon zera
Pokemon female
popka klonoa
rizird03 prizird
satellite_city satellite_city
spirit spirit
sylveon pokemon
tf transformation
transformation Furry
transformation Wolf
umbren pokemon
umbreon pokemon
urine pee
Wolf comic
Wolf Wolf
うま うま
哈哈 刚刚

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