Character: lemn

Full name: Lemn Tarssip.

It is unknown what Lemn exactly is, but it is certainly not of this world. She has golden fur with cream colored head hair, with green eyes that always naturally glow, medium sized ears and a ragged tail.

Lemn was born a wild creature, living as one for a few years in a barren landscape. Then one day she was captured, studied, and then "domesticated" into society. She was given the name "Lemn" due to her extreme fondness for lemons and other citrus fruits. Her speech is rather limited due to vocal cord abnormally, but she was taught basic sign language during her domestication.

She continues being studied on to this day, recent discoveries show that she can see very well in the darkest of places, has emergency gills whenever she needs to breathe underwater or in space, and has rapid cellular regeneration. And her powerful glowing eyes allow for defense as well.

Lemn is an original character by your's truly (Niko Espeon). Thank you to everyone who has drawn or has requested art of her. :3

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is just a placeholder and nothing really too concrete on her character.

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