Basics of uploading

There are three ways to upload images:

  • On the upload page, copy the URL of an image and paste it into the "source" field. This will automatically set the source for you. This is the preferred method.
  • You can also use the "Choose file" button on the upload page to upload something from your computer. Although, since it won't have a source by default, this isn't the best method. Please try to include a source anyway.
  • Using the bookmarklet, you can simply click on any image and have it uploaded. Make sure you have the image in the URL bar (ie. the URL bar should look something like this: ), and then click the bookmarklet.

There is a Firefox extension made by the Danbooru guys, but from our understanding it is still experimental and might not work with WildCritters. If someone can verify that it works, please let us know.

Upload guidelines

These are the guidelines for uploading. They are (generally) not up for discussion:

The Terms of Service give additional explanations of our general rules and standards when it comes to uploading images.

Uploading limitations

Members may not be able to upload within the first three days of signing up. Like with similar limitations on commenting, this is to give new users a sort of mandatory lurking period during which they should become familiar with the way the site works and what sort of postings are acceptable.

Do Not Post

Works by the following artists have been removed at the request of the original artist. Further information can be found in the wiki dnp

Further info and advice

Here's some general advice when uploading images. These aren't hard rules but will make everyone very happy if you follow them:

  • Tag your uploads. When uploading an image, please do your best to tag it as completely as you can. The more tags the better, but most importantly tag the characters involved and their origin (or use the original_character tag if it's an original character). It is also important to tag the artist and the species of the characters involved. Not only is it good practice to do so, but it'll also pay dividends in how many people will find your image, and make it more likely to get approved.
  • WildCritters isn't just for porn (but we sure do appreciate it). We welcome clean content because a lot clean art is still interesting to look at. Therefore, you are more likely to get ahead by uploading great clean art, than mediocre pornographic art.
  • Uploading one's own art is looked down upon. This is because it's generally thought that artists are biased when it comes to judging the quality of their own work. Only in very limited cases are such posts accepted, and posting sub-par creations of your own can result in being penalized. Understand the risks before considering posting your own work. More suitable sites to upload your own art include DeviantArt and FurAffinity.
  • Leave comments about things you are unsure of. If you are unsure about where a character is from or how to romanize a Japanese artist's name, and a cursory trip to Google didn't help, leave a comment asking for assistance. For more info about commenting, see guide:Commenting.
  • Err on the side of caution when uploading. For instance, just because an artist has images on WildCritters doesn't mean every image they draw will be approved. Additionally, remember that WildCritters is a depository for quality cute furry art, so even if the art is good, it doesn't necessarily fit the style that we're going for.
  • The approval process is subjective. We know that it can seem unfair at times that we judge images on quality, which is of course a subjective value. But we do this because this method works for WildCritters and pleases the majority of the userbase. Don't take it personally if one or more of your uploads don't get approved -- we've all been there. Just live and learn. For more info, including how to appeal deletions that you see as unfair, see about:Moderation.
  • Check for duplicates. Our gallery system only checks for exact duplicates, so you should double-check to see if your image isn't already on WildCritters in better quality. If your image has already been uploaded but you have a higher quality version, please upload it and make it the parent of the lower-quality image on WildCritters.

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(This guide stolen in whole or in part from the great guys at Danbooru)