General: gross

Wild critters is based on the cute and the adorable. Mostly everything around should be considered cute. So if we try to capitalize on the fuzzy adorably little animals, exactly why do we have a gross tag?

We have this tag to allow limited numbers of things that run counter to the goal of the website. In short, you are allow to post some gross shit, but under strict conditions.

Conditions to post completely gross shit
  • Poster need to be a true contributor. They need to have over a 1000 posts, a 1000 tags edits, 100 notes, or something we can find and say "You helped us out"
  • The post needs to be related to something already established to the website. If you're going to post something gross, it should be linked to many of the cute shit already here.
  • Small portions spaced in between normal posts. You should post 3 of these in between every hundred 'normal' posts.

Posting cute shit here is a right. But posting gross shit is a privilege to those who help maintain this place.

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