bijou boys clothes cmnf degradation embarrassed embarrassing embarrassment enf exposed females girls half-dressed hamster hamtaro hamtaro_(series) heart_panties humiliated humiliation males males/females maxwell maxwell_(hamtaro) panties public sandy sandy_(hamtaro) sdcharm shaved shaving silly stan stan_(hamtaro) topless undies wardrobe_malfunction ♀ ♂

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9 months ago

The music was loud enough to rip their clothing into molecular mess, along with their fur.. but not their faces.?

9 months ago

Or their panties. Who the fuck draws this? They obviously have a talent drawing hams, I gotta admit, but why don't they draw normal shit instead of this... humilliating fetish?

6 months ago

The Artwork itself in terms of the artstyle looks great and represents the artstyle of the anime series pretty well.

The Content However, is a different story, JUST what is this?!

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