Are you still mad? *squeak*
Like... this? *squeak*
I can't hold it back!
Haa <3
Ahn <3
Aaaa <3
It's embarrassing *squeak*
angry bijou blush cum f/m hamster hamtaro_(series) monochrome ribbon shy straight tears translated y.w ♀ ♥

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1 year ago

I'd love a translation, I know the words are tiny but still I'd appreciate the effort <3

EDIT: Wow that was quick, thank you very much! Does the "dechu" means 'squeak' or where you get the 'squeak' from?

1 year ago

Dechu is a portmanteau of desu and the japanese onomatopoeia for 'squeak' which is 'chu.' Given superfluous chu's are a verbal tic integrated throughout the character's speech to make them seem more hamster-like, sort of like how Meowth and other cat characters in anime integrate 'nya' into their speech to make them seem more catlike. Sadly, word play like that is balls to translate eloquently, so I just threw it on the end.

1 year ago

Appreciate the info, thank you very much :)

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