"Mofumofu" please!

(Whatever the hell "mofumofu" means... Obviously means something cute...)

I dunno... I reckon something about 100,000 seeds.
:3 blush bow clothes hamster hamtaro_(series) lapis lazuli sign wink

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over 9 years ago

Protip: None of that is Kanji. <:3

over 9 years ago

I think Mofumofu is a ham-word... but don't know @_@

And what means the circles of Lapis's cartel? xD

P.D.: Sorry, I take all japanese words like Kanji :P Maybe Katakana or Hiragana? (hope I spell them well @_@)

over 9 years ago

I dunno what the circles are about, but I think the sign itself has something to do with seeds. /:3 As for "mofumofu", maybe someone has a better idea of the words the hamsters use in the Japanese show?

And yeah, you spelled them right. |3

over 9 years ago

I was thinking on, and I pick Mofumofu might be something like "Hif-Hif", I mean, sniff in Ham-chat.

Lol annoying then xD

over 9 years ago

Sounds like a Japanese onomatopoeia...
"The closest I can come to rendering 'mofomofu' in English would be 'fluffy wuffy." from here:

If so, one is saying "Please fluff me." ^-^

The other sign doesn't really say anything... コ is used as a generic counter, so it could be 100,000 of anything, though I'd say it's probably sunflower seeds. <3 I couldn't tell you what 000は means though. "As for 000?" Maybe it's listing what she charges for tricks? n.n;

over 9 years ago

about the three circles.
japanese people often use these to censor words, just like astrisks in english (like in f**k).
since the word is three characters long and "it" costs 100,000 seeds, I'd say its:"セクス" -> "Sex"
(but of course it could also be every other three character word. depends on where you found the pic.)
and as for "mofu~mofu" isn't that the sound they make in the show when they eat? Could be translated as "Please give food".
now that I think about it, that makes the pic a lot more depressing... well just my 2 cents.

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