Name Creator Posts Public
ぶいっか - 温泉編 (Eeveelutions - Hot Springs Edition) Tsukaisute 55 Yes
A Vulpix is fine too Andre 3 Yes
Chance & Cupric Pokemon Training by x03 Yami-Crypto 6 Yes
Playing With Fire: pt II by InsomniacOvrLrd Yami-Crypto 33 Yes
Love Potion Project Yami-Crypto 27 Yes
kitsune no yuuwaku (english) Yami-Crypto 34 Yes
ぶらっふぃ (Blaffie) Tsukaisute 28 Yes
ぶーちゃんがおんなの子にドキドキする本 (A Book Where Flareon Gets Excited By Girls) Tsukaisute 34 Yes
助け屋シベ太 - 第一話 : 出逢い (Helper Shibeta - Chapter 1: An Unexpected Meeting) TommyBinh 43 Yes
カレーなる一族ーブイズー -New face- RioluRiku 21 Yes
Her Name ~ Ohmuu Yami-Crypto 60 Yes
Saga of the sex bunny Andre 36 Yes
Saga of the reluctantly incestuous glaceon. EphemeralFox 32 Yes
[Itameshi]Dorobou ubermensch 0 Yes
I ❤ NINFIA RioluRiku 17 Yes
Eeveelution Porn - Kururi Itachi AdamThePikachu 9 Yes
二鬼夜行 hunter2x 41 Yes
果物語~ひとくちめ~ PokePhilia 11 Yes
けもしょただもの 3 hunter2x 110 Yes
Ganbare, Soncho-san! PokePhilia 5 Yes