Name Creator Posts Public
ぶろりっこ!! (Burorikko!!) Tsukaisute 33 Yes
(Getting) Lucky On The Ranch by insomniacovrlrd Yami-Crypto 4 Yes
Fluttery Ribbon SuperRamen 21 Yes
Love Blue (Typeset) Stitchu 91 Yes
桃縛 Bind Peach Bind SuperRamen 47 Yes
Love Berry SuperRamen 194 Yes
Eeveelutions. Hot Springs Edition (Typeset) Stitchu 55 Yes
ぶいっか - 温泉編 (Eeveelutions - Hot Springs Edition) Tsukaisute 55 Yes
A Vulpix is fine too Andre 3 Yes
Chance & Cupric Pokemon Training by x03 Yami-Crypto 6 Yes
Playing With Fire: pt II by InsomniacOvrLrd Yami-Crypto 33 Yes
Love Potion Project Yami-Crypto 27 Yes
kitsune no yuuwaku (english) Yami-Crypto 34 Yes
ぶらっふぃ (Blaffie) Tsukaisute 28 Yes
ぶーちゃんがおんなの子にドキドキする本 (A Book Where Flareon Gets Excited By Girls) Tsukaisute 34 Yes
助け屋シベ太 - 第二話 : 助け屋 開店 (Helper Shibeta - Chapter 2: Open for Business) Tsukaisute 44 Yes
助け屋シベ太 - 第一話 : 出逢い (Helper Shibeta - Chapter 1: An Unexpected Meeting) TommyBinh 43 Yes
カレーなる一族ーブイズー -New face- RioluRiku 21 Yes
Her Name ~ Ohmuu Yami-Crypto 60 Yes
Saga of the sex bunny Andre 36 Yes