Whats with all the down time?

And why is the site still look like shit after like 2 years? Why does the owner have to be so protective that no one else can even help when he cant?

As far as I can tell, the owner Spike is both busy working and barely keeping this site and its hosting up as a personal side expense. I'm not sure if he's thinking of transferring ownership of Wildcritters to someone more receptive of the site's needs, but at this point, without Spike's communication, it's down to wondering if the next time this site goes down will be permanent.

He should really just pass it to someone who can actually manage it, instead of holding onto it like (from what I could gather) is his own personal selfish want.. Sorta like "it's mine.. If I can't have it, no one else will"

This site doesn't really have to look good, I mean, you're only here to masterbate, or roleplay, which if for roleplay, yeah sure. And as for why he doesn't pass it down, who knows.