Alola variants of pokemon

Initially this was a implication thread for alolan_vulpix to imply vulpix for obvious reasons. However there's probably a better way to deal with this than assigning new tags to every variant.

That would create a lot of unnecessary tags.

These tag implication threads could get cluttered really quickly.

Regardless it's a good time to talk about how we want to deal with alolan pokemon in regards to this site anyway.

Having a bunch of tags like Alolan_Vulpix, Alolan_Sandslash and Alolan_Exeggutor could end up as unnecessary clutter when we could use Alola_Form instead. Not only is that the official name for these variants, it would easily condense all alolan variants into that one tag as opposed to having a separate one for each alolan pokemon.

Users would be able to add or exempt Alola_Form to narrow their searches down more efficiently as well.

While I am at it.

Alolan_Form -> Alola_Form

It's typed that way pretty often.