RioluRiku said:
If I was to rage a little, it feels like things are missing from what it used to be.

I mean, we all know what we are actually here for, but the bland background is rather offsetting.

Comments don't show pictures anymore, and I vaguely remember they did back in the past.

The amount of people seemed to have dwindled near to nothing despite the fact that this place isn't nearly as toxic as other places.

I've always liked this place over e621, the content was more in line with what I wanted, and the community was pleasant. People here didn't usually go out of their way to rip your head off for things. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. I hate seeing this place die a prolonged death. It used to be fun, not just to look at the pics here, but to participate in the forums, the cbox, and other stuff. Now it just feels lonesome. I miss the friends I made on here.