Owner will be gone for a bit longer

last year computer broke and I'm stuck with a one gig ram cmoputer that is running windows 7.

a few months later i lost my wallet and had another hassle.

2 months ago i lost my main gmail acount, another hassle.. while not getting my computer built.

today, my mother is basically dead... while i was in the process of building the new computer.

to say the least, i have a fucking load of emotional issue on my plate. I thank you for your patience. I will get things together, but I will keep the site paid up.

I'm almost back up to speed, got the new computer together.. after 3 months. I'm settle with my new job, new apartment is getting cleaned up.. though it sucks that it takes around 4 hours to get to and from work, soon I'll be able to mess with the webpage and get into the motion of doing shit.

giving you back pat.

Go on, brother. Life awaits.

Aw that's good to hear.

Great to hear that things are getting better for you!

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Get rid of that shit. I want to look through the non-sexual, non-doujin, non-pokemon stuff here.

Owner has been gone for long time now?

Where is that beaner Pawsie? The cotton ain't gunna pick itself.