Getting Started:Using WildCritters


Hello fellow users,It has come to my attention that no other user or not busy staff member has took the time to create the following guide in how to properly user Wildcritters or the main basic parts.

So I wanting to contribute to the site started this basic guide to help.


Before getting access to the site to any part of the site you must first register account,In order to do so you must click the link.


Once the link has been click you will be brought to a different window.

When you are at this window:

(Note: Needs to be changed.) ( Main one: Must be above the age of 18 to create an account(We are following U.S registration on porn sites.))

2.Name: This is the alias your user will use when on the site or when logging in make sure it is easy to remeber.

3.Email: is optional but incase of the site data being deleted or something it would be advise to have your email their and to put a correct one.

4.Password: Make your password easy to remeber and get right for you.

Congratulations you are now part of the Wildcritters community.

Alright so once you're done registering you're like I want to upload all my gay porn or straight porn or safe pictures onto the site.

By cicking "Upload" under the "Post" section you will upload"


1.File: This where you click "Browse" and find on your computer the picture you want to upload.

2.Source: This is the link to where you found the picture. Please do not relink it to another porn site.

example: We mean where the picture truly came from if you do not know where it came from simply leave it blank.

3.Tags: They are the Objects,Things,Creatures in the picture it is not required to put all tags in there but you are looked down on if you don't and you're post may be deleted for not meeting tag requirments like if there is 0 tags on it.And if you don't have the time enter the tags: Artist:Tag_me so users know you didn't have the time to tag it.

4.Description:Simply enter what the artist said about it,Or the name of the artist like I do.

5.Parent:If the post you are uploading is a child post or edited version of a different post simply add the first picture ID Number once it's uploaded.

6.Ratings: Ratings are what the picture is like.
Safe: Contians nothing related to Sex,Vore,Gore,Scat.

Questionable: Imply's a Sexual theme,Vore,Gore,Scat.
(Example:Female lying on top of a guy and showing her ass but no sexual organs are shown/seen.)

Contains anything of :
Sexual oreintation:
(Example:Female breast with the nipples showing)

(Example:Something being devoured by something else.)

(Example:Showing of a lot of blood or inner organs.)

(Example:Insert_Organism_Here poop.)

7.Hidden: Ignore that Spike(Owner of Wildcritters) uses that for his uploads.

8.Recent Tags:Helps re:tag tags.

Here you can see comments made by you or other users.

1.Hidden Comments: Comments voted down on because of other registered users disliking them and they were hidden.

2.Tiny bar: Tiny bar allow you to do features.
Note: Normal users do not have access to Delete unless it's their own comments.

Notes are the translation of other comics of foreign language to english.


There are several users who translate stuff from jpn to english, Me, SuperRamen, and others.

This is a list of artist users have added over the years of tagging.
I have already explained what tags are,This is just a collection of them.

Pools is a collection of comics or CG sets in one.


Wiki is used for information on a tag and what it is.

1.Search: Simply search what the tag is and if the information is wrong update it.

This is a place were users can come at anytime of the day and register accounts in there and roleplay advise not to talk alot in there.

RP is headed by a different user: Admin.L
Staff of the RP Box:
Admin: Admin L. (Lucky)
Moderator: Weissu
Moderator: Ashe


The community place of chat on certain topics and where everyone can evenly express their emotions.

1.New Topic: Click this to make a new topic.
(Do not make a topic about selling a product or out of idoitcy.)

2.Mark all read: Name explains it.

3.Help: Helps

4.Updated By: Last user who made a comment on it.

5.Updated: Last time the topic was updated.

6.Responses: Number people said something.
This is a feature only avaliabe to the superior staff members.So no you can't know what's on it. :2

:::::::::::::::::::Obtaining Ranking Status:::::::::::::::::

To obtain ranking in wildcritters you cannot buy it.You must earn it.

Below is how you can obtain it.

Member - Register an account.

Privileged - Upload a few picture at HQ and HD,Staff will notice you.

Contributer - Contribute a shit load of pics to the site staff will promote you.

Janitor - Superior staff members will bestow this rank to you after seeing how communitive you are with the site/Helping hand or you're a really cool person.

Moderator - Attribute to the site a lot and befriend high ranking staff members.

Admin - Prove to Spike when he is online that you are a very trustworthy person and have good morals.

Owner - Acquire the site from Spike.

Founder - Given to the 4 old owners of wc back when .ws was .us.

:::::::::::::::::::Regular Chatbox::::::::::::::::::::::::::
This is a place where all users can come and talk as one on various things.

This place has simple rule placements.

1) No blatantly putting down or annoying people. Why? Because nobody likes mean, rude people

2) No underaged people. Why? Federal law(We are following U.S Federal Law)

3) Keep roleplay to a minimum. Reason being that lots of people have complained about it in the past,
and we also have a place for that.

4) Don't make too many accounts, because it takes away from new users' experiences and it can get
confusing if you go under five or so vastly different names. Novelty accounts should be okay, given that you at least try to stick to one name otherwise.

5)I imagine them using it constantly would be okay until someone asks them to stop,All Caps.
And if they refuse to stop (as opposed to mindlessly doing so after forgetting), that would break said rule.

6) No flooding the chat with contentless text

7) Ban avoidment = Ban(Example:Banned for beinng underage and keeps coming back= ban.)
Known Translator User Listings:
(If you're a translotor toss me a private message so I can add your name also tell me if you do request or don't.)

0) SuperRamen (Japanese to English) (He Does Request)

1) |Nividen| (Japanese to English) (I Don't Do Request)____________________________________________________________

And you are now ready to become a critter.

Thank you for taking your time and reading on how to use the site.


Spike/Pawsie- Owner of He handles all the sites data and uploads on his servers.

Admin.L/Lucky - Admin of the RolePlay Box/Helps the Site.

Admins:Kele/CollisionCat/Niko Espeon/Flaky - Admins of helping the site/Good People.

User:Shiin - Helps by keeping contact with certain artist in jpn and other places from sueing or shutting us down.

Moderator:MeroFlux/Me - Moderator of the site/Translator of JPN material on the site.

Mods:Beta/Vapereon-Kun/Brent.ms80 - Mods who keep the site in check as well.

MaDrow/GenisSage91/SuperRamen/Shiron/Princess Celestia - On uploading and helping on the site, & SuperRamen on translating as well.

Unknown Translators: Translators who don't comment on helping the pool sections

User:Jwatch - Help with the "Regular Chatbox" rules.

And all of you other users. <-- Subscribe to him. <-- Subscribe to him.

Wow! Nice work Merome ;)

Beta said:
Wow! Nice work Merome ;)

Thank you

just a random thought, where did the .ws come from? of all the domains, why .ws?

If Wikipedia isn't lying to me, the domain is Samoan. Whether or not that has anything to do with how WC is hosted is another question (maybe for cheaper hosting? Idk).

The previous domain was (idk why) till wildcritters broke up and .ws became the standard tld. There are some relations to imagine to relate it to, like w is close to the u in the alphabet, Wildcritters, etc. Pricetechnically could be also an option, but I guess the .ws was discounted once despite Spike didn't want to give up the domain yet.