almost all posts ending up in some hidden thing

Hey, I just noticed that, unlike before, now at LEAST 4/5 of the new posts are ending up in some hidden status for no reason.

Before, I saw every single post when I clicked the "Posts" tab at the top.

This is the first time I've even noticed "hidden" at the top, only because I was wondering why there have been barely as many new posts in a whole week after this site screwup than there was almost every day before it.

I don't have anything set to be blacklisted, either. I prefer to see all posts and look at what interests me.


Oh, and I also just noticed that tons of older posts / pictures that were previously shown normally in the Posts tab are now also only in this hidden thing instead. I noticed pics I knew I'd seen before and tried to save a few I knew that I had, seeing they were indeed the exact same picture and file name I already had.

I could be wrong, but I think that's mostly images that were mass uploaded and are waiting to be tagged.

...although, now that I think about it, that doesn't make much sense since it'd have to be bumped, which isn't an option currently. And I tried removing a post's hidden status after tagging it and could not do so.

There's a common element, and I've figured it out. All the hidden posts bare the Pixiv tag.

Where the hell is the delete post button?!

If I'm not mistaken, The "Hidden" tag was created by Spike (Owner) to hide the fact that he was posting people's arts without their permission. It's so that only members can see them, thereby preventing people, especially artists from pixiv, from getting upset.

actually. the 'private' tag was made for that.. which was originally the dnp tag -- meaning do not post (even though they were being post)

Hidden is what used to be the backup tag. They're in that group because they're untagged. I should have a bump button.. so people can tag the stuff in hidden and move them into the main gallery. I've still been busy.. with me spending my first day off goign to my fucking friend's house to do shit to his computer..and to my neighbors to give her my mom's old pc.

If you want to save stuff to the site, you're able to. The reason why most of the stuff is pixiv is because... it's ridiculously easy to upload from pixiv here.

I've been going through the list and will probably tag my favorites from there; should I just add a tag (to_unhide) so they can easily be unhidden (and the tag removed) by a script?

Oh, and why are a few older posts (a few in my favorites even) hidden even though they're fully tagged?

There's more than that...

I'm noticing that now I can no longer view all posts in an artist's own gallery. You HAVE to add 'status:hidden' to the search just to view the rest, and many of these I was able to see without a problem before.

I also saw that when you do add that, it only shows images that have their status hidden, not any of all the other non-hidden posts.

When any image that is put into hidden.
They were put there by Spike.

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